Misho Gallery
Texture, Shapes, Color & Fun.

"I hope my work will brighten some people's lives by helping them to see beauty in what could appear mundane"

Misho is the artist, curator and owner of Misho Gallery in San Francisco. Since 2009, he has held solo shows with his photographs in San Francisco, Buenos Aires and in his native Switzerland.  His pictures can be seen in the lobby of various buildings in downtown San Francisco, including the public utilities building.  Misho expanded the gallery in 2010 to help promote local abstract art from local artist and beyond. 
In 2011, he started a collaboration with Johnny Botts

 Misho provided his abstract photographs as a background and Johnny painted over them with space ships, robots,etc. This led to the "Spaced together " exhibit in May 2012 and the "Second Journey" in October 2013. See the "Pop Art" gallery


2013 was the year of paintings,  participating in group show at the Wenying Art Highland Museum in Guangshou China and hosting 2 exhibits of Chinese painters in his gallery. 

He is a very active member of the artist community, having volunteered as an ambassador for the Oakland Museum of California “OMAC” and was part of “YBCA YOU”. He co-founded “COCA”a coalition of California artists working directly with interior designers and their clients. In spite of all his hats, he is mainly an artist and hope you will take the journey with him and visit  the online galleries.


Just another busy day. Part of the "Spaced together" series - Mixed Media by  Johnny Botts & Misho.
Reflection on Asphalt 20" x 30"

Zen Fishing 16" x 24"
My homage to Japanese Etchings
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